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About Aryahamrah Holding

Arya Hamrah Samaneh: Knowledge based IT solution Provider

Arya Hamrah Samaneh (AHS) holding is a premier provider of information technology services/solutions and Leander in the EPC Turnkey (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Project to the several commercial and government clients in Iran. We have a proven track record providing services in: As a Service Cloud Computing, Integrated Solutions, Cyber Security, Infrastructure/Data Center Services, Call Center/Help Desk, Program Management, Transportation, energy, Application Services, Enterprise reporting and Enterprise Architecture/IT Strategic Planning.
Our ability to recruit and retain top professionals means that our customers receive cutting edge services and support.
In past 10 years, Arya Hamrah Samaneh (AHS) has been the only company in contract with MTN-IRANCELL to manage, maintain and develop of its datacenters (Production and disaster recovery) in Iran .in addition AHS has successfully performed above and beyond in these three main fields:
  • IT solution provider
  • Network and telecom design, implementation and support
  • Transportation and Energy
As Arya Hamrah Samaneh continues to grow, our goal remains to build a business where our team members share in developing creative solutions to meet the needs of our clients. We have a passion for understanding our customers’ business needs, and we know that our success in delivering solutions that meet those needs means investing in our most important asset – our employees.

Core Values

  • Consistency– Continual innovation
  • Competence– Highly Trained Employees Looking to Build Personal and Professional Growth
  • Commitment– To Employees and Customers, to Excellence in Everything We Do
  • Confidence– Ability to Complete the Mission
The Arya Hamrah Samaneh (AHS) mission is to exceed customer expectations by providing excellent services and solutions based on the established standards, we do so by creating an organizational culture that fosters personal and professional growth. We empower our team members to focus on service excellence.
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Social Responsibilities

No so long ago, many organizations were evaluated only based on factors such as stable profitability, survivability and growth. They mostly used to focus on their short-term benefits rather than thinking about their direct effects on people’s life. This kind of attitude had irreparable effects on the environment and people’s health. Such a situation made some enterprises think about increasing their social capital along with growth and profitability.

Considering this point, Arya Hamrah also took steps to increase our country’s social capital. In this manner, the company started supporting elite students and academic conferences extensively to facilitate the commercialization of their business ideas. This could eventually fill the existing gap between our industry and universities, and certainly could increase our social capitals. The aim of becoming a “paperless business” which is seriously considered by world-scale companies results in removal of unnecessary consumption of paper. By doing so, we can considerably preserve trees and the environment which in turn, makes significant advantages for modern societies. Since long ago, Arya Hamrah has composed its trends in such a way to minimize the use of paper. Also, by using waste sorting technologies, Arya Hamrah has started changing itself first and facilitates the process of waste recovery.

In addition to the above-mentioned attempts, Arya Hamrah provided the internet and IT equipment for some schools and educational centers in some deprived regions. We hope God to help us have more abilities on this way, so that we can enable the people of deprived regions. Then, our country can take advantage of the big potentials of our youth and students even in faraway regions. All these little steps, if being taken continuously and one after the other, could result in a world of affection, and could make children smile.