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Data Center

Data Center
Information technology is one of the five critical factors for business success or failure. This factor, if applied innovatively, can dramatically make a fundamental difference through facilitating the achievement of business goals.
Our approach is to empower small and large businesses to exploit the best and most advanced ICT solutions in the world so as to prevent loss of resources and boost productivity. With high precision and speed, Arya Hamrah addresses all ICT requirements of organizations and businesses with a wide range of comprehensive and integrated solutions in order to help them increase efficiency, security and reliability. As a result, organizations and business owners can focus more effectively on their core business development efforts by assigning those responsibilities to AHS.
By sustained monitoring of the health and efficiency of companies’ IT equipment, Arya Hamrah will make their investments much more predictable and secure in this area. Reducing data risk and enhancing their security brings the permanency and loyalty of our customers.
The reputation and prestige of AHS, as the most prominent brand in the field of data centers and comprehensive ICT services and solutions, relies on the privilege to predict and adapt to the rapid changes in technology and manage its broad effects on businesses.
Our Data Center solutions include: 


Data Center Design and Development

Data Center Equipment Procurement

Data Center Migration Services

Data Center Infrastructure Services

Data Center Audit Services

Data Center Colocation Services

Managed IT Services