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Complex Buildings Systems

Complex Buildings Systems
Today, in metropolises and large cities, huge buildings and multipurpose complexes, in the form of residential, commercial and recreational buildings, hospitals, hotels, airports, railway/metro stations, etc. constitute a large part of urban structures. There is no doubt that all systems and subsystems of a giant multipurpose building, will have the highest quality and performance only on a powerful and advanced communication infrastructure. Hence, providing an integrated platform will reduce costs and improve service quality. An appropriate network infrastructure allows the transfer of information from all systems, such as: Surveillance Cameras (CCTV), Access Control System, Fire Alarm and Extinguishing Systems (FAS/FES), Energy Management System (EMS), Building Management System (BMS), Parking Management and Guidance Systems (PMS/PGS), Audio Systems, VoIP and IPTV systems, Master Clock System (MAC), information analysis systems and monitoring/control of subsystems and information and Internet services, with minimum cost and maximum reliability.
With such a robust platform, the integration process is conducted in the best way and coordinating the performance of all systems and subsystems contributes to the overall efficiency of the building. Arya Hamrah, as one of the most prominent ICT pioneers in Iran, provides a complete chain of integrated services and solutions for large buildings and multifunctional complexes, including residential, office, commercial, recreational, sports, hotels, hospitals, airports, railway/metro stations and so on.
Our Complex Buildings Systems Integration solutions include:

Building ICT Infrastructure

Safety & Security Systems

Building Automation Systems

Parking Automation Systems

Building Office Systems

Information & Advertising Systems

Building Management Solutions