Cloud Services


AHS owns and operates a fully redundant, highly available Datacenter which will enable us to provide a cost effective and highly secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) computing environment to our clients. AHS’ innovative and flexible data center facilities satisfy commercials’ most demanding requirements for space, security, reliability and scale. By taking advantage of our more than 10 years of datacenter management experience.
Our infrastructure solutions has the physical security controls and policies in place to help you meet all regulatory compliance requirements.. The AHS data center delivers:
  • Blended bandwidth and multiple options for premium carrier-neutral access
  • State-of-the art security
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting
  • 24x7x365 on-site staff


Arya Hamrah’s colocation hosting services provide a highly-secure, reliable and scalable foundation for your hosted IT infrastructure needs whether you are expanding or merging your data center environment. Colocation service from AHS provide you with:
  • Access to multiple telecom carriers providing redundancy for all communications
  • Comprehensive 24×365 monitoring with enterprise security standards
  • Fully redundant power to the cage with redundant PDUs, battery backup and diesel generators. High bandwidth, low latency IT services around the world through our enterprise-class data centers
  • “Smart hands” services provided on demand
  • Reduced risks with layered physical security, high reliability and compliance readiness
In addition to basic colocation services, Arya Hamrah offers several “a la carte” services within the data center. So as your business grows, you have the opportunity to acquire additional services as you need them.

Cloud computing at AHS

Businesses are looking for ways to be flexible in running their applications and not get locked into fixed assets, but the traditional world of deploying applications is very rigid. Cloud Computing can solve this issue with ‘pay as you go’ cloud computing services, where customers are not waiting for new computing resources to be deployed. Cloud Computing also helps businesses better align operating costs with the change in computing demand instead of over procuring equipment. Flexible pricing models, no capital money, scalability, and flexible usage for compute, storage, networking and software infrastructure are some of the benefits that companies are seeing with Cloud Computing/SaaS models. This enables you to maintain an enterprise grade environment for all parts of your IT infrastructure and have AHS manage control & security, migrate legacy workloads, and manage system configurations all for just a monthly cost. AHS supports dozens of solutions so you will get the best technology based on your application and IT needs.