EPC Services

The data center design and development department of Arya Hamrah Samaneh Co. has the capabilities of properly identifying and realizing the business service necessities of organizations, and recognizing fundamental services and, accordingly, the IT and physical infrastructure of data center based on the principles of IT service chain Successful achievement in commencing, managing and accomplishing data center projects, including data center design, engineering, supply, deployment, and migration for well-known costumers, confirms the department’s experience, sensitivity, and accuracy. Covered areas in data center layers are as the following:

Designing, supplying, and deploying fundamental services

  • Cloud computing services
  • Virtualization services
  • Database services
  • Management and monitoring services
  • Backup services
  • Network shared services
  • Fire protection infrastructure
  • Management and monitoring infrastructure

Designing, supplying and deploying IT infrastructure

  • Processing infrastructure
  • Network active infrastructure
  • Network security infrastructure
  • Storage infrastructure
  • Backup infrastructure

Designing, supplying and deploying physical infrastructure

  • Power supply and distribution infrastructure
  • Ventilation and mechanical infrastructure
  • Power and lightning protection infrastructure
  • Electromagnetism protection infrastructure
  • Network passive infrastructure
  • Physical security infrastructure
  • Video surveillance infrastructure
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Migration services

When an organization or business decides to migrate from its current data center, different reasons and scenarios could be taken into account, including: being innovation in reducing IT costs, legal and supervisory obligations, some plans for reducing business risks, strategic decision to deploy new data center, or incapability of old data centers to host new and centralized infrastructures. In order to ensure the efficiency of service migration and minimize the possibility of risk and the repercussions during migration mission, Arya Hamrah Samaneh manages the entire mission from the beginning up to the end in the following phases:
  • Identifying infrastructure and fundamental services in the source site
  • Evaluating and classifying business services
  • Designing infrastructure and fundamental services in the destination data center
  • Planning and scheduling the migration
  • Deploying infrastructure and fundamental services in the destination data center
  • Transferring and dismantling fundamental and business services
The company’s experience in successfully immigrating customers’ services, and accurate planning before migration according to customer’s business needs, with gradual or instant migration methods, ensure the success and minimize the service outage time.
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Audit and evaluation services

Arya Hamrah Samaneh is proud that, as the consultant of Information Technology Organization of Iran, has formulated the first edition of national framework or standard for designing, building and managing data centers with reference to TIA 942, BICSI 002, and TSI 3.2 frameworks and standards. Furthermore, considering the importance of improving the level of knowledge in designing and deploying data centers within the country, this company has held the first official course of BICSI Design with approved German teachers. Following the course, ten experts from the company successfully acquired TSI 3.2 standard audit obligations. By relying on its experts’ experimental and acquired skills and the support of its foreign partners, Arya Hamrah Samaneh can provide auditing services and evaluate data centers. Also, it can provide consultative services in order to improve the level of quality in designing.