Data Science Solutions offers a decision making process to help your organization solve complex problems step by step utilizing mathematical and quantitative techniques. Our goal is to help you improve performance, make better decisions, compete and grow. We aim to achieve a deep understanding of your needs and provide solutions that are continuously improving. We offer complete data science solutions in a breadth of specialties via training, service contracts, and joint collaborations. Large volume of transactions in information systems and various levels generate massive data which is difficult to be analyzed. When data sees exponential growth rates that exceed the budgets, storage footprint, and personnel resources needed to contain and manage them. Data science tools are considered as competitive advantage for organizations, in a way that reduce costs, increase profits and market share for them. Arya Hamrah Co. has launched its Data Science department in 2015 and now has the capability to provide appropriate infrastructure, implement business intelligence, data mining and big data in various organizations, Maximize efficiency and cut business costs.

Data Sciene


  • Providing Software Packages, ICT Agency of Shiraz Municipality, 2016

  • Analysis, Design and Implementation of Data Warehouse and Management Dashboard Reports, IT Organization of Mashhad Municipality, 2016