Introduction of IOT unit

Aria Hamrah’s IOT unit, according to the technical knowledge and experience gained by the company, has started its activities in the fields of communications and information technology, design, installation and commissioning of data centers and network security.

IOT unit which has successful experience in implementing similar strategies with its strong collaboration with local and foreign partners, plans to providesolutions based on customer needs, appropriate technology and the highest quality services by identifying opportunities and to keep pace with the growth of technology in the related industries.

Features of this unit to provide services to customers as follows:

·     Design and implementation of integrated systems (End to End Solutions)

·     Creating security at all layers of the system

·     Reducing time to entry market through the use of standard and flexible structures

·     Establishing Top-Down Design and capability of scalability

One of the most important features of Arya Hamrah Company in providing services in IOT is the ability to provide service from beginning to end (End to End), which guarantees the service integration as well as horizontal and vertical expansion. This is obtained because Arya Hamrah experience in information technology (IT) and telecommunications (ICT).