Smart Utility

 On the one hand the growing need for water and energy use in industry and household, and on the other hand increase the cost of producing it, will reveal more the need of managing water and energy in a smart city. Arya Hamrah solutions, by creating an infrastructure to monitor and control of production network, distribution and consumption of water, electricity and gas, provide the ability to manage, plan and modify network in the highest performance for managers. 

Smart Grid, Water, Gas End to End Solution includes:

  • Design, Build and Operate Datacenter Services
  • Providing communication modules
  • providing data management software (MDM)

Smart Home & Building

 Different technologies, span in the body of the building, the number of people attempting and lack of operational coordination between all facilities are the problems and obstacles facing large buildings. These cases will reveal more the necessity of using a comprehensive and integrated system which has the ability to manage, monitor and control the operational status of all facilities. 

  • Home Automation System
  • Building Management System
  • Fire Alarm, Fire Fighting System - FAS & FES
  • Parking Management System
  • Security Solutions – CCTV, Access Control
  • Communication Systems, Network & IT

Smart Mobility

 We believe that in the future, the main driving force in the automobiles and industrial transportation is communications and intelligence vehicles both in the public and private sector. IoT world opens up new routes that we may not have ever even think about them. One goal of providing IoT services in intelligent transportation was to improve the experience of driver in the car which is associated with increased levels of traffic safety. 

  • Public Transportation Systems
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Online Mission Assignment Systems
  • Cargo Condition Monitoring Systems

Smart Public Services

 Requires a smart city is providing intelligent municipal services to citizens which cover the extensive range of existing and new services. From modern methods of micro payments till the strategies for energy conservation in the city and also avoid wasting time of citizens.  

  • Smart Payment Services
  • Urban Lighting Solutions
  • Parking Management Systems
  • Traffic Monitoring & Management
  • Electronic Toll Collection

Smart Health

 One of the main distresses of residents of large cities is health promotion and protection, care and disease prevention. On the other hand the lack of ease in access to health care in rural areas is the cause of many health problems. Arya Hamrah hopes that with their solutions in the field of IoT, to remove time and place limits of access to health services and take a small step in improving the health of our dear compatriots.  

  • Telemedicine
  • Online Health Monitoring
  • Kids/Elderly Remote Monitoring (Recognizing failure, heart attack, etc.)

Smart Environment

 Thanks to advances in the field of sensors and communications equipment, possibility of their extensive and affordable usage in urban and rural zones is provided which will help to protect the environment around us. Also small events environmental monitoring can prevent the occurrence of large and irreparable events which creates a lot of financial and vital losses to citizens and nature. 

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring – Water, Air, Soil (Inside and outside the city, the output of factories, etc.)
  • Early-Warning Systems - Earthquake or tsunami, Forest fire, Snow level, River floods
  • Smart animal farming

Smart Industries

 Our solutions in the industrial sector provide the possibility of collect, analyze and display information for managers at different levels. The consequence of possession this information, is full management of all the processes and stages of production, distribution and sales. 

  • SCADA Based Systems
  • Industrial M2M Services
  • Asset Control - ZigBee/RFID