IT Suppot Services

By the commencement of Arya Hamrah’s smart fuel system support project in 2012, the company started providing its IT support services in a specialized manner. Successful accomplishment of this project paved the way for another one based on which the company produced 2600 network racks.
Then, Arya Hamrah received another order, this time from Tejarat Bank to maintain their data center’s physical infrastructure. Considering the employer’s full satisfaction, Arya Hamrah also received the order of maintaining Tejarat Bank’s data center in Eskandari St. Arya Hamrah’s expert IT support team tries to wholly fulfill our customers’ demands.

Arya Hamrah’s exclusive IT support services

  • 24/7 support and maintenance services
  • Experienced and professionally trained team of experts
  • Widespread support offices in all provinces and counties
  • Experienced repair team capable of repairing any kind of electronic devices and equipment
  • Providing support service according to creditable standards in Information Technology
  • Maintaining and supporting all online services in LAN, WAN, and radio communications
  • Maintaining and supporting the infrastructure layer including installation and mechanical, power and lighting, uninterruptible power supply, earth, fire alert and firefighting, as well as monitoring and manual access control systems
  • Supporting and maintaining network layer including all kinds of IT equipment, i.e. switches, routers, traffic distributors, firewalls, and storage systems
  • Supporting and maintaining ATMs, POSs, information kiosks, industrial computers, and AVL systems
  • Repairing and maintaining physical and network infrastructures from data center to end-users, in all the staffs of organizations
  • Providing audit and consultation services about current quality of infrastructures and services of the organizations
  • Vast and standard storage for IT devices and equipment
  • Providing suitable solution for preventing illegal access, by modern knowledge and utilities in physical security