Access Layer

Arya Hamrah Samaneh Company offers solutions in both wired and wireless access layer.

Wired Access Systems

AHS is capable to offer wired access system solutions like FTTH, PSTN, SHDL, ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+, VDSL, VDSL2+ and G.Fast. For this purpose AHS has been joined with the most prestigious European Companies Ericsson and IskraTel. For fiber optic solutions AHS is the agent of Korea Company Coweaver that is a unique brand in this field. Also depend on the projects we can use Chinese brands.

Wireless Access Systems

For offering WiFi wireless network solutions with central management, AHS utilizes from the best worldwide American brands like Cisco, Aruba, Networks and Extreme and Chinese brands like Autelan.
In general cellular networks as 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation mobile networks, AHS utilizes from the best European and Asian brands Ericsson from Sweeden & Potevio from China and also can utilize other brands according to the customer demand. In Private Mobile Radio (PMR) AHS is capable to design and install Analog network solutions (MPT1327), Digital Mobile Radio solutions (DMR) and Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA). In this context AHS utilizes from best European and Asian brands Selex from Italy, Sepura from England, Rohil from Netherlands and Excera & Potevio from China.
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Aggregation and Transmission Layer

Arya Hamrah Samaneh Company is able to offer aggregation and transmission network with more than 1Gbps transmission data traffic rate. For instance about 400Gbps data traffic rate can be transferred by a single color on a single fiber optic cable. By combining multi colors on a single fiber and with CWDM or DWDM technologies, the data traffic rate will be increased to more than 20Tbps. AHS is also able to offer network core systems based on IP-MPLS Technology for communication mother networks of Iran telecommunication infrastructure. In this context we cooperate with Ericsson and Cisco Companies. In microwave networks AHS is able to design and construct microwave network links in 1-80GHz frequency band and with various data traffic rate up to 1Gbps. AHS is expert in designing complicated and widespread microwave networks by utilizing Ericsson, NEC & SAF companies products.

Core Layer

In the core layer that is the upstream of network layers, the management, supervision, billing and routing of network will be done. AHS is able to offer different solutions in core layer.

Core layer of Telecommunication operator networks

NGN network is the communication network novel generation and is based on IP protocol. The next generation of NGN network is known as IMS and FMC networks. AHS is able to offer a complete solution of NGN, IMS, FMC networks and SDN/NFV that is the implementation of network novel generation base on software networks with virtualization ability.

Intelligent transportation systems

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS), offers a category of new solutions for transportation problems resolving and traffic security improvement and facilitation by using new technologies as information processing, communications, control and electronic. The main task of ITS is improving the real time decision-making of transportations network controllers that is lead to transportation system operation improvement. AHS has started up the research and development in this field and in the first step offers the solutions of speed control systems and traffic management systems.
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